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I Do Not Hesitate To Refer My Clients To Zavitz Insurance

I have had the pleasure to work with Terry, Justine, Samantha and their wonderful team in connection with the insurance and financial planning needs for a number of our mutual clients. I have found Zavitz Insurance to be one of the most knowledgeable, proactive and insightful firms to work with. In fact, I do not hesitate to refer my clients to Zavitz Insurance in this regard.

They have done an amazing job meeting the needs of myself and my family

I have been a client of Terry Zavitz and her team for several years now. They have done an amazing job meeting the needs of myself and my family when it has come to our disability and life insurance policies. They have put us at ease by tailoring our policies to meet our individual needs. I would highly recommend Zavitz Insurance Inc to any of my colleagues, friends or students.

The team has been supportive, receptive and sensitive to my needs

Terry Zavitz has been exceptional in the service that she has provided. I am a pediatrician working in a multispecialty group practice. She ensured that all my insurance needs were covered. She has excellent interpersonal skills and has been in my corner since day one. I unfortunately developed a chronic lung disease a few years back. I had spoken to my family doctor and specialist about a possible disability claim. Both were of the opinion that I would not meet the criteria for a disability

claim. Terry was helpful in educating myself and the physicians involved with my care. She was able to advocate for me and I now receive residual disability. I then had the ability to decrease my working hours without significant impact on my income. More recently I was diagnosed with a “critical illness” and again the team has been supportive, receptive and sensitive to my needs. All the appropriate documentation was delivered to me with clear instructions of the steps involved. Staff are courteous and the entire team responds in a timely fashion to questions or concerns. My family and I will forever be thankful to Terry Zavitz and her entire team.

“Excellent Service”

Terry has a great personality and provides excellent service. The whole staff is friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. They do what they say and they do the right thing. I have peace of mind knowing that the solutions and products are going to be there when I need them and I will get great service from the Zavitz team.

“An effective process”

I liked Terry’s process. She went over everything, described the types of plans, the definitions, how they were set up, and gave me options for my disability insurance. I signed up with her at the end. She gave an effective process and I appreciated her attempt and ability to answer my hard-lined questions.