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It Is Important To Surround Yourself With a Team of Professionals

Once you graduate from dental school you realize that it is important to surround yourself with a “team” of professionals who will advise you. This team includes your lawyer, accountant, financial advisor and insurance agent. Terry is my insurance “guru”! I have been a client of Terry’s since I graduated. I am always able to give her a call or shoot her an e-mail if I have a question or concern. As my needs changed she has always been there with great advice and great service!

Zavitz Insurance Provides More Than Just Insurance Services

To potential clients looking to make a decision…look no further because you’ve found the right people.

As health care professionals, part of our success comes from the ability to surround ourselves with like-minded successful advisors. At every point in our career, we need the support and help from a team of advisors including insurance advisors, accountants, financial advisors, lawyers and bankers. The team at Zavitz Insurance provides more than just insurance services. – they also connect you with a team of reputable and professional advisors. This is their value-added service, which sets them far apart from the rest. For the past 6 years with Zavitz Insurance, the quality of their services has exceeded beyond my expectations. Justine Zavitz, alongside with her team, has always taken the time to explain insurance matters in simple, plain language that is easy to understand. They are always there to offer expertise and assistance whenever needed. They are a group of friendly, professional, and highly-knowledgable advisors. Without a doubt, joining the Zavitz Insurance team as a client was the best decision I have made thus far in my career. I look forward to continuing this relationship for many years to come.

Their Advice Has Always Been of Great Help

Justine’s friendly approach and strive to ensure client satisfaction was noticeable from the first time we met in 2013. From the time I was a dental student to the time of being a business owner I was always satisfied with the services provided by Justine and her team. Their advice has always been of great help. Justine and the rest of the team’s guidance in recommending the right policy that fits my needs is highly appreciated.

It Is A Privilege To Work With The Zavitz Team In Building Client Relationships

From student to practicing professionals, Zavitz Insurance is there to help with professional and knowledgeable advice for healthcare professionals. They provide the kind of service that has the client first in mind. We have had the opportunity to work together for a number of years as part of clients trusted advisory team. As a financial advisor, it is a privilege to work with the Zavitz team in building client relationships!

Justine and her team have always been very approachable

Justine and the Zavitz team have been one of my insurance advisors since I was in medical school over a decade ago. She has provided excellent advice for both myself and my family regarding our insurance needs. Justine and her team have always been very approachable, friendly and helpful with an area that is typically quite foreign to physicians starting out into practice. She has also taken the time to educate me on the different products and has helped us navigate and make decisions regarding our changing insurance needs with a growing family to better plan for the future.