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More Than Just Insurance

For nearly 35 years, the team at Zavitz Insurance has been providing diverse and innovative solutions for our clients – with guidance you can understand and tradition you can count on. Now Zavitz is bringing a holistic approach to your financial management, combining retirement and estate planning, investment services and insurance, all on one page. It’s a simplified way of managing all your interests using flexible, independent advisors with a reputation you can count on. At Zavitz, we have embraced the inevitable changes necessitated in the information age, and have prepared and staffed to meet those challenges. Though marketplaces and interests may shift, the standards and sensibilities applied by the professionals at Zavitz remain firmly rooted in traditional wisdom and unflappable dedication to the client. As partners in practice, business and life, Zavitz is with you every step of the way. 

In order to better serve our clients, we are expanding our financial services – now coordinating insurance, investments and financial planning – all from one shop. Through collaboration and expertise that compliments our own, we can now connect you with diverse financial professionals dedicated to one goal – your prosperity – and integrate them into your bigger financial picture. By collaborating with other specialists in the financial field, Zavitz provides a higher level of service. An alliance with Wealthsimple, for instance, has allowed us to provide a low-cost investment alternative when needed. Have your own advisors? We can work with them too! 

What Have We Learned From Morneau’s Proposed Corporate Tax Changes?

Justine Zavitz

Justine Zavitz

Depending on where you get your information from, I am considered a Millennial or a Xennial. In my career, I have not experienced what I would consider to be extreme changes to the way various income is taxed. Sure, there have been increases in personal tax rates, decreases in corporate rates, various tax credits being enhanced or taken away and so on… but nothing as jolting as the proposals on changes to the taxation of CCPCs that we saw in July, 2017. 

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How Can You Tell if You Need a Financial Planner?


Chances are that if you’re asking yourself whether or not you need a financial planner, you probably need one. In the modern world, just about everyone can benefit from the advice of a financial planner, but there may come a time in your life when hiring one as soon as possible is an obvious decision.

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Financial Planning – Now is the Time


Zavitz Insurance is enhancing its financial planning services

Careful financial planning is so important for you and your family’s future. That’s why Zavitz Insurance is now offering a full range of exclusive financial planning services. 

Zavitz is offering these services to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of its client base. The financial planners at Zavitz have many years of combined experience and are dedicated to helping their clients fully achieve their financial goals. 

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3 Top Reasons to Hire a Financial Planner


When it comes to making big decisions about your finances in the long-term, it is common to feel a bit intimidated and confused. As with anything intimidating and confusing, we end up procrastinating in dealing with it.

However, there are crucial choices that you can be making right now that will have a dramatic impact on your financial future and the safety of your hard-earned money.

That’s one top reason why it pays to hire a financial planner, along with a few others below:

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