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When Life Insurance is More than JUST Life Insurance

Terry Zavitz

Terry Zavitz


Most of us know that life insurance pays a lump sum upon your death.  Some policies are temporary and bought in case you die unexpectedly (think mortgage protection, young kids, etc), while others are permanent and bought to assist with estate plans, liquidity, funerals, legacy and so on…because we all know we’re going to die one day, right?

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Financial Planning – Now is the Time


Zavitz Insurance is enhancing its financial planning services

Careful financial planning is so important for you and your family’s future. That’s why Zavitz Insurance is now offering a full range of exclusive financial planning services. 

Zavitz is offering these services to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of its client base. The financial planners at Zavitz have many years of combined experience and are dedicated to helping their clients fully achieve their financial goals. 

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Estate Planning Seminar Video

Don’t leave your executors stranded on a desert island!

Estate planning can be as easy as lounging on the beach…sit back, relax and enjoy the video below!

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