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Financial Planning – Now is the Time



Zavitz Insurance is enhancing its financial planning services

Careful financial planning is so important for you and your family’s future. That’s why Zavitz Insurance is now offering a full range of exclusive financial planning services. 

Zavitz is offering these services to meet the unique and ever-changing needs of its client base. The financial planners at Zavitz have many years of combined experience and are dedicated to helping their clients fully achieve their financial goals. 

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Estate Planning Seminar Video

Don’t leave your executors stranded on a desert island!

Estate planning can be as easy as lounging on the beach…sit back, relax and enjoy the video below!

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The Impact of Trudeaumania 2 & Trump Dynasty Seminar

Zavitz Seminar Series Presents:

The Impact of Trudeaumania 2 & Trump Dynasty on Tax, Real Estate, Estate & Retirement Planning seminar.

 Mike Bondy will discuss a variety of topics including:

  • Current and recent budget proposals and review strategies to minimize the impact of these changes
  • Real Estate trends
  • Outline of trends which may impact your retirement and the preparation of your wills
  • How the Trump Dynasty and Trudeaumania may impact the economy and investment

To RSVP please email aaron@zavitzinsurance.com or call 519-667-0116

View the invite here: The Impact of Trudeaumania 2 & Trump Dynasty