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Zavitz Seminar Series – Corporate Tax Opportunities in Today’s Landscape

Taxation in Canada is an ever-changing landscape and, following Finance Minister Morneau’s announcements in 2017, this year is no exception. The good news is there are still opportunities available for saving within your corporation. 

Join us on February 28th to learn more about how you can continue to save within your corporation. 

Please RSVP to aaron@zavitzinsurance.com by February 23rd

Click Here to view the invite. 

What Have We Learned From Morneau’s Proposed Corporate Tax Changes?


Justine Zavitz

Justine Zavitz

Depending on where you get your information from, I am considered a Millennial or a Xennial. In my career, I have not experienced what I would consider to be extreme changes to the way various income is taxed. Sure, there have been increases in personal tax rates, decreases in corporate rates, various tax credits being enhanced or taken away and so on… but nothing as jolting as the proposals on changes to the taxation of CCPCs that we saw in July, 2017. 

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