Trudi joined the Zavitz family back in 2003, managing the group benefits department.  17 years later and could not imagine a team without her.  Her hard work and dedication have helped us develop our service model, build the business, and provide our clients with exceptional service and advice.

We have put her under the spotlight, so that you can get to know Trudi a little bit better.

1. What is your favourite part about working for Zavitz Insurance & Wealth (ZIW)?

My role allows me to work with employers and employees of our group clients every day.  This is truly my favourite part of the job.

2. What have you gained from working at ZIW?

We have weekly office meetings where we discuss concepts, industry changes and advancements, products, and financial matters.  These meetings allow me to continually learn in both the group and individual markets.

3. What is on your wishlist for the next 10 years?

Honestly… I would love to be able to retire within the next 10 years.

    4. Tell us about your community involvement and what drew you to the cause?

    Jesse’s Journey has always been a cause close to my heart.  My cousin’s son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and I wanted to increase awareness, help the family and raise money for research to find a cure. During my 7 year involvement, I was able to personally raise $30,000.

    I am now involved with the Liver Foundation.  I recently lost a good friend to a rare liver disease called Caroli’s Disease.  Along with his children and other close friends, we are having a trivia night and Golf Tournament in his honor to help raise awareness and earn donations to support research into the disease.

    5. What career would you do, if you were not doing this?  

    I would love to be an Event Planner and Charity Fundraiser.

    6. What is your favourite family tradition?

    Having brunch and Easter Olympics with ALL members of my family including my Mom, sisters, brothers-in-law, nieces/nephews, great-nieces/nephews, children, spouse.