Michelle joined our advisory team back in April and has since begun working with many of our clients.  We have put her under the spotlight, so that you can get to know Michelle a little bit better.


  1. What drew you to a career at Zavitz Insurance & Wealth (ZIW)?

Working under the leadership and mentorship of Terry and Justine is ultimately what drew me to ZIW.  The strong reputation they have in the community and industry was very appealing and I knew that I would learn from the best and grow a more successful career in the financial planning industry.

  1. What have you gained from working at ZIW?

I have gained an incredible amount of knowledge and belief around the importance of having a strong income protection plan in place to protect individuals and their families against the unexpected (not just death).  Knowing that I am helping people do this is extremely gratifying.  

  1. What is on your wish list for the next 5 years at ZIW?

My goal is to keep growing my experience, knowledge and client base here at ZIW.  I would like to help as many people as possible get a strong insurance and financial plan in place so they can rest assured they are financially protected, and that their goals are being achieved.  I will also achieve my Certified Financial Planner designation, among some other designations, in order to ensure that I am helping my clients in the best way possible.

  1. Tell us about your work with the Red Shoe Society? What drew you to the cause?

I got involved with the Red Shoe Society after doing some volunteer work with the Ronald McDonald House Charities.  RMHC is a staple in Southwestern Ontario and offers an incredible opportunity for families to be together while their child is in the hospital.  The Red Shoe Society is a group that supports RMHC with multiple fundraising efforts that bring a lot of money and awareness to the cause.  After doing some work with the RSS and seeing their incredible value to the cause, I joined the Board of Directors as the Membership Chair in January 2019. In my role I get to share the vision of RMHC and bring awareness to this amazing place by growing our community of supporters.  I will be continuing my term into 2020.

  1. What is your hidden talent?

I can draw very well, and I absolutely love it. I have always been able to look at a picture and duplicate it.  My dad can draw and so can my sister.  As kids the three of us would have “drawing contests,” where we would put a picture of something in the middle of us and all draw it. The best version “won”, and my dad would build a frame for it and hang it up.  He always won (he was quite good) but I continued to love to do it and still to this day can get lost in a sketch for hours. I now take requests from my kids and frame them to hang on their walls.  My secret dream is to illustrate a children’s book…maybe one day!