Professionals and Business Owners

Different needs and issues develop and become more important over time. At Zavitz we understand complexity. We’ve mapped our products, services and planning considerations to take into account each phase of your life, and the strategies that go along with it.

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Insurance and investing are the facts of your professional life. Your time is valuable, and you can’t afford to have anything less than certain quality for your business and your financial future.  But making the right decision is about much more than the features and benefits of a product or a portfolio. Or, sorting out complex details with time you don’t have.

It’s about the life you want to live. And how you protect and invest in it.

Our 35 year long tradition in insurance and group benefits, and today, our strength in wealth management, means sophistication and certainty for you, your family and your business.

And when the unthinkable happens, that’s when we step up. Because unanticipated doesn’t have to mean unpredictable.

Let us manage the risk you don’t even want to think about, or haven’t anticipated yet. In the first stages of your career, when you’re growing your business, and when you’re ready to transfer the legacy of your hard work to the next generation.

Your family is safe. Here. With our family.

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Mapping the Zavitz Way