Health, Dental and Out of Country Coverage

Retiree benefits for Retired Partners and Senior Management

As of April 1st, 2015, the premium rates for retiree benefits are $77.26/m for single coverage and $174.51/m for family, paid 100% by the retired individual.  The rates are reviewed annually and can be subject to change.


Extended Health Care and Drugs

Overall in-Canada benefit maximum of $150,000 per lifetime/per person

80% coverage for prescription drugs, including a dispensing fee maximum of $8 per prescription

100% coverage for hospital care (semi–private accommodations) up to a maximum of $10,000 per year

80% coverage for medical supplies and services


Out of Country Accident Coverage

No maximum benefit listed

Covers trip durations of 60 days

Coverage for medical treatment referred outside Canada up to $1,000,000 per lifetime



Overall maximum is $1500 per year per person

80% coverage for basic and supplemental basic services

50% coverage for dentures and major restorative services

50% coverage for orthodontics for dependent children

Dental Fee Guide is current minus 1 year


There is no termination age for health or dental coverage.


Survivor benefits available for eligible dependents in the event of death of the partner or employee.  Coverage includes health and dental coverage for 30 months without premium payment.  


This summary is intended as a guide only.  Please see booklet below for full details. 

Additional Resources:

Benefits Booklet