Samantha Way

Samantha Gowers

The process of applying for insurance isn’t always a fun one; there’s a lot of discussion, questions, fact checking, poking, prodding and signing. In the end, you’re usually happy the process is over and you can rest easy knowing you and your family are protected. But what happens when the insurance company just says “no”?

They don’t turn down an applicant just for fun; there is usually a lot of work that goes into investigating if someone is insurable before the final call is made. When was the last time you pushed your mower across the lawn without turning it on, just because you felt like putting a lot of effort into something you knew would have no outcome? Insurers aren’t trying to discriminate, they just want to make sure that they aren’t exposing themselves to too much risk.

Have you ever discarded the idea of insurance for yourself because you figure you’re looking at a long road, possibly with a negative outcome? You aren’t alone, as a lot of people think that they are uninsurable – whether it’s because they have been turned down in the past, or just assumed they were destined for a decline based on their age, health, family history, or passion for danger. However, “no” is not always the outcome. There are a lot of specialty products in the market designed to be simple, and provide for those who don’t want to go through the full process, or would not qualify if the insurance company were to do all of their “fact checking”.

Don’t miss your opportunity to protect yourself and your family – there might be a solution that works for you.