Disability insurance is the most important insurance coverage for a hygienist to own but can be the most difficult to get. If you are a graduating hygienist, now is the best time to obtain your coverage!

  • Coverage is available without evidence of health – No need to worry about declines, increased premiums or exclusions
  • Guaranteed coverage limit without income requirement
  • Most competitive premium rates on the market – Other insurance companies deem dental hygienists a very risky occupation class and charge a much higher premium

Yes. The Blue Cross contract is a strong disability contract which includes good definitions and guarantees. Contact our office to learn more about the Blue Cross offer and the contract particulars.

  • Accidental Fracture – Receive a lump sum of up to $10,000 if you suffer a fracture.
  • Extended Health Care – Have your drugs, paramedical practitioners and emergency travel expenses covered. There are 2 plans options available, one that requires evidence of health and one that does not.
  • Critical Illness Insurance – Receive a lump sum benefit if you contract a critical illness and get your premiums back if you don’t. Evidence of health is required.
  • Life Insurance – Protect your dependents and have your debts paid in the event of your death. Evidence of health is required.

Yes, coverage can be carried anywhere in the world.

If you have the plan already in place, it is portable worldwide. However, you must obtain the coverage before you leave Ontario.

Premiums are based on your age, gender and smoking status. If you pose a higher than standard risk, an additional premium could be applied.

There are many riders available including the cost of living rider, regular occupation extension, and return of premium. For the definitions of these riders, please see our products and services or ask your insurance representative.

The insurance company cannot change the provisions of your contract until after age 65. However, the insurance company reserves the right to increase premiums for an entire class of individuals should they experience an increase in claims. To date, we have never experienced an increase in premium.

You have until December 31st of the year you graduate to obtain the disability insurance offer.

Now. You should apply for coverage while you are a student in order to lock in the contract and premium rates. You also have no idea what the future holds for you, so getting coverage when you are most healthy is always recommended.

It you have loans, a mortgage or dependents you should be looking to obtain life insurance. For more information on the coverage available, please visit our products and services or speak with your insurance representative.

Critical Illness insurance will pay a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of one of the covered illnesses (approximately 20 included). Many policies include an optional return of premium provision which allows for a refund of 100% premiums paid if you do not make a claim on the policy.  For more information on critical illness insurance, please visit our products and services or speak with your insurance representative.