Our very own Trudi St. Marie is a strong fundraiser for Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy.  For the last 4 years she has held trivia nights to raise money.  She held one at our office this past Saturday and raised $6500.  Over the last 4 years of trivia nights, Trudi has raised an incredible $15,000 for the cause!

Here is the story of Louie, Trudi’s family member and inspiration, who suffers from this disease (as told by Louie – and his mom):

Hello! My name is Louie Facca. For the most part I am just a normal 7 year-old.

Louie Facca

When I was two, my doctor said something was happening to all my muscles… They call it Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. If they don’t find medicine to help me, my dystrophin/protein of the muscle will die off and then my muscles will stop working.

Dystrophin is in my legs, heart, lungs, brain. Not all of us kids will be effected with every condition at the same time, it will vary. The most common is a wheelchair and shortened lifespan. This doesn’t happen overnight, it is a progressive degenerative disease, so I have time to ask for Help!

Researchers need money to keep working on a cure for me and all the other kids with Duchenne’s! In the meantime I will keep doing physiotherapy, daily stretching, swimming, anything to keep me strong. I wear leg braces to bed every night to keep my heel cords stretched out… I call them my hockey boots!

There is no cure… yet!

That is why

  • My cousin Trudi and Russell hosts an annual Trivia Pursuit night to help raise money for any medical expenses I need now and in the future.
  • My Grandpa Bob walked 500km in May 2012 and then walked 4000km from Quebec to Winnipeg in 2014, from both walks he raised over $900,000.00 for research.
  • My Family has had their 3rd garage sale to raise money
  • PEAC Elite Hockey School holds a ‘Laps for Louie’ skate-a-thon

Like my Dad says: “There’s no cure but hopefully, someday there will be and that’s why there’s NO BAD DAYS! We wake up every morning and treat everyday as a Blessing! I’ll never have a bad day again in my life!”


On behalf of Louie and all Duchenne Families we thank you for all your support and helping us keep ‘HOPE’ alive.  If you’d like to donate towards Duchenne research you can donate to Grandpa Bob through the Jesse’s Journey website