With the RCDSO announcement to dentists yesterday, we have received many inquiries into what insurance, if any, covers such an event. Is closing your office an Overhead (OV) or Practice Interruption (PI) insurance claim? 

OV insurance, often referred to as Business Overhead or Professional Overhead Insurance, will reimburse regular office expenses should you be unable to perform the important or essential duties of your occupation due to an accident or sickness.  Therefore, if you contract COVID-19 and are unable to work due to the effects of the illness, OV insurance may provide a benefit payable should the illness extend beyond your elimination period.  OV insurance does not provide a benefit if a regulatory body recommends you close your office to protect your patients and the community at large.    

PI insurance is different and is typically included in your office’s commercial insurance package provided by your property and casualty insurance agency.   The PI component covers overhead expenses if the office cannot operate due to damage caused by a listed event, such as a fire or a flood.   It may include pandemic coverage, but the benefit is often restricted and is provided under very defined circumstances. 

Long story short, it is unlikely that any insurance coverage would be paid.  As we have seen over the past week, things are changing quickly and so too could this information. We will keep you apprised of any new developments.