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Christina  knew she had a passion for customer service very early in life; She has always been a people person, and finds it easy to start a conversation with anyone.

She graduated from Elegance Schools Inc. in 2000 with a degree in Advanced Esthetics. She worked in the beauty industry exclusively for 8 years before starting at Zavitz, and always enjoyed working with clients and meeting new people. Her career with Zavitz Insurance started in January of 2008, and allowed her to continue helping people on a daily basis, while utilizing her ability to be hardworking, reliable and comfortable in a fast-paced environment to meet client needs and inquiries. Christina has been in the customer service industry for over 20 years, with solid experience in providing diverse customer support in high volume environments. She takes pride in providing a first-rate experience for our clients, and developing strong relationships with them and our team within the office.

Disc Golf Enthusiast — Home Improvement Junky — Loves to Travel