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What If It Doesn’t Kill You?

Justine Zavitz

Justine Zavitz

The Financial Consequences of Getting Sick

Shopping for insurance can be similar to shopping for a car with all the available options. This process is not so thrilling, but certain insurances are necessary for your financial security.   Most people realize they need life insurance at some point, but overlook insurance that will help them when they become sick or disabled, which I find funny, since we are statistically more likely to get sick than to die.

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My Favourite Blog: Why your financial plan sucks

You might think it’s strange that a financial planner would recommend a blog titled “Why your financial plan sucks”.  But honestly, I agree with everything Joe says.

For example, a plan that is short and easy to follow will have a better chance of being put in place than one that requires an accounting degree to understand. I don’t have statistics to back that up, but you won’t be able to convince me otherwise; it just makes sense.

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What’s your Net Worth? You should know!

I wrote a blog in the spring about cash flow (income minus expenses) and explained a simple way to figure out what you spend every year. However, another equally important number to know about in your financial picture is your Net Worth. You should always ensure that it’s moving in the right direction!

These days, with easy access to revolving credit, it’s too easy to overspend. Gone are the days when the bank account at zero meant no more money until pay day. To avoid digging ourselves into holes financially we need to take stock of our net worth every so often.

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Personal Budget in 15 Minutes or Less

How much money you do spend every month? Can’t answer that? Does it concern you? Join the club and read on.

Budgeting, tracking expenses – or whatever you want to call it – is a daunting task for most of us…and I mean “us”! With a young family of our own it feels like our money is flying out the door every time we blink. It’s quite scary sometimes. Recording every dollar we spend is a massive undertaking. Trust me, I’ve tried it and it never takes.

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