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Passive Income Planning Seminar

Passive Income Planning Seminar, filmed on June 5th, 2019 – Presented by Brandon Gilbert, business advisor & partner at MNP LLP. 

HR Seminar Series – Rising Drug Costs, HRIS Technology and Health & Wellness

HR seminar filmed on April 17th 2019 – Barbara Martinez from GWL takes an in-depth look at the rising cost of prescription drugs. David Porter from BOSSC discusses HRIS technology and Meaghan Jansen from Employee Wellness Solutions discusses optimizing employee engagement with wellness.


Estate Planning Seminar Video

Don’t leave your executors stranded on a desert island!

Estate planning can be as easy as lounging on the beach…sit back, relax and enjoy the video below!

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Critical Illness Insurance – The Gift That Keeps On Giving


Samantha Way

Samantha Gowers

Many of us have heard of or even own critical illness insurance on our own lives because we recognize the financial impact it could have – our healthy spouse will likely take time off of work, we may need to hire extra help around the house for our kids, we possibly need to travel to find the best care, or maybe the drugs or treatments are not covered. But many of us have not considered the impact of one of our kids having an illness.  I can almost guarantee you haven’t considered buying this coverage for your kids or grandchildren as a gift!  It’s hard to think about anything bad happening to our kids, but the reality is it happens and when it does, the financial impact could be catastrophic.  All of the expenses listed above would continue to be a reality, but to add to it, there would probably be a drop in both parent’s incomes.

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Our Transformation

Did you hear? Zavitz Insurance has purchased the building directly to the East of us on Dundas Street to help with the continued focus on our growth. Terry and Justine continue to provide strategic direction to clients, while expanding by adding new advisors to our talented team of planners, underwriters, benefits staff and administrative assistants. This ensures that Zavitz Insurance is able to continue to provide our clients with innovative, appropriate and quality service. We’ve also started making some changes on the inside of our building as well. Including a new client/staff room with plans on adding another in the near future.

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